Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 7700s Series (G3282A)

Agilent 7700s Series (G3282A)

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Advancing ICP-MS technology. Simplifying trace metals analysis. 

Whether you need to analyze hundreds of complex samples in less time, or confidently detect ultra trace metals in high purity reagents, Agilent’s 7700 Series ICP-MS can help you meet the analytical challenges of today... and of the future.  The 7700 Series redefines the benchmark for ICP-MS: more productive, simpler to use, higher sensitivity, lower backgrounds, better interference removal, increased flexibility, easier to maintain and service. All within the smallest commercial ICP-MS mainframe ever made. 

Agilent 7700s Series

The robust workhorse 7700x is the instrument of choice for most applications, and in high-throughput commercial labs, the all powerful 7700s is designed specifically for semiconductor applications, and the new 7700e offers a simplified and easy to use system for routine analysis. Featuring a new, configurable MassHunter software platform and a host of hardware developments, including a new frequency-matching RF generator and 3rd generation Octopole Reaction System (ORS3), all three 7700 Series mainframes provide unrivalled levels of performance and ease of use, while delivering results you can trust – even in the toughest sample matrices. 

The general system consists of the following instruments. The auto sampler and the water chiller are optional. 

  • ICP- MS - Instrument Agilent 7700s ICP- MS 
  • Chemstation Workstation - controls the Agilent 7700s ICP- MS, acquires data, and analyzes the acquired data. 
  • Rotary Pump - One or two rotary pumps are used depending on the options ordered. The rotary pump is used as the backing pump for the turbomolecular pump. It is also used to pump the interface chamber in analysis mode. The electric power for the pump is supplied from the Agilent 7700. Chemstation Workstation controls the pump’s ON/OFF control. 
  • Autosampler - Chemstation Workstation controls the autosampler. For more information, refer to the autosampler manual. 
  • Water Chiller - The water chiller supplies the cooling water to cool the Peltier cooler (spray chamber cooler), the sampling cone, the skimmer cone, the RF amp and the work coil. 

7700s – G3282A

Condition: used - pre-owned - refurbished
Producent: Agilent Technologies
Software: PC – Chemstation.

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