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Agilent G1888 Network Headspace Sampler

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The Agilent G1888 Network Headspace Sampler features an inert sample pathway for superior chemical performance without analyte degradation or loss. Its high sample capacity and increased sensitivity provide excellent performance over a wide range of analyses. Headspace sampling allows you to introduce volatile compounds automatically, from virtually any sample matrix, directly into a GC or GC/MS.

G1888 Headspace sampler


  • 70-sample tray and 12 positions in the heating oven allow unattended overnight operation for many applications
  • Automated constant heating time is employed with optimized sample overlapping for maximum sample throughput in the minimum amount of time
  • Deactivated sampling path, from sampling needle to transfer line, is standard. Coupling with an inert 7890A or 6890N Volatiles Interface achieves complete chromatographic system inertness.
  • Controlled temperature range from 40 degrees C to 230 degrees C makes it possible to analyze semi-volatiles at temperatures over 200 degrees C, as well as traditional applications for low boiling point analytes
  • Heated zones can be turned off, which allows analyses at ambient conditions for biological or extremely thermally sensitive analytes
  • Incorporates two modes of multiple headspace extraction (MHE) in addition to routine single extraction (one sampling per vial)
  • Multi-puncture extraction with up to 100 extractions per vial is possible for the analysis of samples in unusual matrices
  • A 'concentration mode' of MHE allows multiple extractions from a vial to be made, followed by the start of the GC run after the last extraction
  • Includes several convenient testing and troubleshooting features, including a set of four pre-stored chemical test methods, a semi-automated leak test, and a detailed power-on self-test
  • Instrument control can be achieved using the GC ChemStation, MSD Productivity ChemStation and MSD Security ChemStation, or Cerity NDS for Pharmaceutical QA/QC
  • Instrument control is integrated with drop-down menus for ease of method setup. The existing sequence table is used to set up analyses, maintaining optimized sample overlap and constant heating time.
  • An event log function tracks every headspace sampler operation and reports any temperature and pressure deviation compared to the set point in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Built-in key pad control enables compatibility with all GCs

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