Hoofdafbeelding Agilent G7115A 1260 DAD WR

Agilent G7115A 1260 DAD WR

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Agilent 1260 Infinity II Module

G7115A 1260 DAD WR 

The 1260 Infinity II DAD WR detector is designed for highest optical performance, GLP compliance, and easy maintenance. With its 120 Hz data acquisition rate the detector is perfectly suited for fast LC applications. The long –life deuterium lamps allow highest intensity and lowest detection limits over a wavelength range of 190 – 950 nm. The use of RFID tags for all flow cells and UV-lamps provides traceable information about these assemblies.

The built-in holmium oxide filter features the fast wavelength accuracy verification, while the built-in temperature controls improves the baseline stability. Additional diagnostic signals for temperature and lamp voltage monitoring are available.

Features G7115A 1260 DAD WR 

  • Higher sensitivity and selectivity - simultaneous detection of up to eight
  • compound-specific wavelengths.
  • Low detection limits - low noise front-end electronics and the patented flow cell design delivers very low detection limits thanks to the minimization of short-term noise (< ± 7 μAU).
  • Up to 100 % resolution gain in fast LC - using an 120 Hz data acquisition rate.
  • Maximum baseline stability - electronic temperature control (ETC) reduces baseline drift under fluctuating ambient temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Wide linear range - for reliable, simultaneous quantification of primary compounds, by-products, and impurities.
  • Programmable slit (1 – 16 nm) for rapid optimization of sensitivity and linearity.
  • Excellent data traceability - radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on cells and source lamps improve traceability of data.
  • Automatic wavelength verification by built-in holmium oxide filter.
  • Nine analytical and preparative flow cells provide you with maximum application flexibility and choice.
  • Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display with Instant Pilot controller and Lab Advisor software.


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