Hoofdafbeelding Agilent G7694 Headspace Autosampler G1289-G1290

Agilent G7694 Headspace Autosampler G1289-G1290

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G7694 Headspace autosampler G1289-G1290

This Agilent 7694 headspace sampler G1289 - G1290 is an economical, easy-to-use, robust headspace device that enables analysis of volatile connections in almost any matrix.

The autosampler is located on top of the instrument and holds 44 vials. Each vial has its own compartment, numbered 1 through 44. 

Using the keyboard, you can move the G1289 - G1290 autosampler both forward and backward. With a switch on the back you can use vials of 10ml or 20ml.

This standalone sampler combines low purchase and maintenance costs with excellent performance. This means that the G1289-G1290 meets the most frequently asked laboratory needs.


  • Interface suitable for any gas chromatograph for maximum flexibility.
  • Constant heating time, one vial at a time, so that each sample with the same parameters receives exactly the same treatment.
  • Inert-nickel sample pad provides protection against sample transfer, loss or degradation.
  • Automated process for processing up to 44 samples.
  • Automated process to adjust sampling parameters during method development.
  • Robust, simple in design for continuous use in almost any lab environment.
  • User-friendly operation, which allows users to quickly set parameters and save methods at the touch of a button.
  • Upload up to four methods for extended productivity.
  • Shaking of the vails provides representative samples.

The instrument has been completely checked by a certified service company.

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