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Agilent GC 6850

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Agilent 6850 Network GC system

This special configuration of the 6850 GC is only available as part of the G2570A system.

The gas chromatograph has been modified as follows: 

  • The on/off power switch is on the GC right side in the lower front corner. 
  • Aholeispreparedintheleftouterpanel,insulationandoven wall to accommodate the GC-MS interface heater. 
  • The GC-MS interface heater uses the detector heated zone. There is no internal GC detector. 
  • The Injector Mounting Bracket support mounts behind the power switch on the right side panel. 
  • The GC is configured only with a split/splitless inlet containing an unpacked, single taper deactivated liner (p/n 5181-3316). 
  • With frequent GC column changes, Agilent recommends purchasing additional column clips (G2630-20890). *

*Source: Agilent G2570A 6850 GC/MSD System 

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