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Agilent GC/MS 7890A - 5975C

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Agilent 7890A

The Agilent 7890A is a state-of-the- art gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all appli- cations. Key to its performance is the use of advanced electronic pneu- matic control (EPC) modules and high performance GC oven tempera- ture control. Each EPC unit is opti- mized for its intended use with a specific inlet and detector option.

GC oven temperature control of the 7890A oven allows for fast and pre- cise temperature ramping. Overall thermal performance provides opti- mal chromatography including peak symmetry, retention time repeata- bility, and retention index accuracy.

The combination of precise pneu- matic and temperature control leads to extremely precise retention time reproducibility, which is the basis for all chromatographic measure- ment.

Agilent 7890A Capabilities

  • Supports simultaneously: - Two inlets
  • Three detectors (third detector as TCD)
  • Four detector signals
  • State-of-the-art detector electron- ics and the full-range digital data path enable peaks to be quanti- fied over the entire concentra- tion range of the detector (107 for the FID) in a single run.
  • Full EPC is available for all inlets and detectors. Control range and resolution are optimized for the specific inlet or detector module.
  • Up to six EPC modules can be installed, providing control of up to 16 channels of EPC.
  • Pressure setpoint and contol pre- cision to 0.001 psi provides more retention time locking precision for low-pressure applications.
  • EPC with capillary columns pro- vides four column flow control modes: constant pressure, ramped pressure (3 ramps), constant flow, or ramped flow (3 ramps). Column average linear velocity is calculated.
  • Atmospheric pressure and tem- perature compensation is stan- dard, so results do not change, even when the laboratory environment does.
  • The LAN interface allows real-time monitoring of the GC when it is connected with Lab Moni- tor & Diagnostic Software, even when also connected to a data system.
  • One-button access to mainte- nance and service modes from the keyboard
  • Preprogrammed leak tests
  • Automatic Liquid Sampling is fully integrated into mainframe control.
  • Set point and automation control can be done from the local key- board or via a networked data system.
  • Clock-time programming can be initiated from the front panel to initiate events (on/off, method start, etc.) at a future date and time.
  • A run time deviation log is cre- ated for each analysis to ensure that all method parameters were achieved and maintained.
  • A full array of traditional gas sampling and column switching valves are available 550 timed events
  • Display of all GC and ALS set points at the GC or data system.
  • Context-sensitive online help

Features Agilent 5975C MSD 

  • Local Control Panel (LCP) for locally monitoring and operating the MSD
  • One of three different high vacuum pumps
  • Rotary vane foreline pump
  • Independently MSD heated electron-ionization ion source
  • Independently MSD heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filter
  • High-energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier detector
  • Independently GC heated GC/MSD interface
  • Chemical ionization (EI/PCI/NCI) modes available


Agilent MSD 5975C
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