Hoofdafbeelding Perkin Elmer ICP Mass Spectrometer NexION 300X

Perkin Elmer ICP Mass Spectrometer NexION 300X

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The NexION 300X configuration includes a single-channel Universal Cell. The system is best suited for general purpose applications such as environmental sample monitoring. NexION 300X uses a simple non-reactive gas to remove many interferences and to deliver better detection limits than Standard mode.

NexION 300 offers 3 modes of operation

The NexION 300 offers 3 modes of operation (Standard, Collision and Reaction) and can be quickly switched from 1 mode to another. So, every analysis can be performed on the same instrument. It’s the only ICP-MS that lets you maximize productivity without compromising sensitivity or performance. And, for the first time ever, a single ICP-MS instrument offers both the simplicity and convenience of a collision cell and the exceptional detection limits of a true reaction cell.

Stability is optimized by incorporating a unique Triple Cone Interface and Quadrupole Ion Deflector. Designed to remove an unprecedented level of un-ionized material (and preventing it from entering the Universal Cell), this innovative ion path keeps the instrument clean, minimizing drift and eliminating the need for cell cleanings.

Features Perkin Elmer NexION 300

  • Simultaneous dual mode (analog/digital detector)
  • Large, accessible sample introduction system
  • Low liquid uptake nebulizer
  • Free-running RF plasma generator
  • Automated X, Y, Z torch positioning
  • Patented PlasmaLok® technology
  • Fastest scanning quadrupole in the industry
  • Universal Cell Technology™
  • Quadrupole Ion Deflector
  • Triple Cone Interface
  • Plasma View window
  • Four-stage vacuum system
  • Benchtop design
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