Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu FRC-10A Fraction Collector

Shimadzu FRC-10A Fraction Collector

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Shimadzu FRC-10A fraction collector 

The Shimadzu FRC-10A fraction collector meets the demands for continuous, automated fraction collection. Pair the FRC-10A with the SCL-10AVP System Controller for unparalleled performance for a wide range of fraction collection applications.

Drive SystemArm movement (X-Y) system
No. of collection vessels16~144, depending on rack type (variable through parameter setting)
Collection methodSolenoid valve (incl.) or direct through nozzle (W/out solenoid valve)
Maximum flow rate150mL/min (water)
Collection operationProgrammed operation via SCL-10AVP System Controller, or manually
Fraction modesBasic mode (using initial parameters), and Time Program mode (14 different functions available)
No. of collection filesUp to 10 in memory (Total No. of program steps: 100)
Output of setting parameters, results*Printout via Chromatopac
Cooling of fractionsPossible with Sample Cooler L (Optional)
Collection based on 2-channel generated ratio chromatogramSPD-10AVP/10AVVP dual-wavelength signal, or signals from 2 detectors
Linking with external devicesWith SCL-10AVP System Controller, any of LC-10AVP components may be linked.
Detector signal input0~1V
Dimensions, weight260 (W) ×420 (D) × 280 (H) mm, 15kg
Ambient temperature range4~35°C
Power requirements


-91 100V, 100VA, 50/60Hz

-93 220V, 100VA, 50/60Hz

-92 120V, 100VA, 50/60Hz

-38 220~240V, 100VA, 50/60Hz


* Current loop interface (Cat. No. 228-21204-91) is necessary.

Source: The VP Series Means Validation and Productivity


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