Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu LC10

Shimadzu LC10

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Labrecycling has in stock and is searching for Shimadzu HPLC systems LC10 and also the LC20. Besides complete systems, we also buy and sell modules. Interested in giving your system a second life?

Shimadzu HPLC system LC10

This complete HPLC systems contains the following modules: 

  • SCL-10A Controller
  • SPD - M10A VP DAD
  • CTO- 10SC VP Colomn oven
  • FCV - 10AL VP low pressure solvent mixer
  • DGU - 14A Degasser
  • SIL - 10A Autosampler 
  • LC - 10 AD VP Dual Piston Solvent Delivery Pump



HPLC Detectors DAD
Shimadzu HPLC system Shimadzu LC10
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