Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific LC/MS TSQ Vantage + Accela autosampler & Pump

Thermo Scientific LC/MS TSQ Vantage + Accela autosampler & Pump

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TSQ Vantage

Thermo Scientific TSQ Vantage Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer


  • Thermo Scientific™ Ion Max™ ion source with HESI-II probe and Thermo Scientific™ HyperQuad™ mass filter reduce noise and increase sensitivity, enhancing quantitative performance
  • Quantitation-enhanced data-dependent MS/MS (QED-MS/MS) provides simultaneous compound confirmation and quantification
  • High-resolution selected reaction monitoring (H-SRM) enables quantification of many compounds in a single run
  • Zero-cross-talk collision cell eliminates false positives
  • Self-cleaning Ion Max source and automatic source recognition simplify operation and increase reliability
  • Optional 3000 Da mass range, which also includes higher mass resolution and higher-resolution precursor selection, improves analysis of peptides, polysaccharides, intact proteins, and oligo nucleotides
  • Optional accurate mass (AM) capability provides a higher degree of confidence in compound identification

Accela Autosampler

The Accela Autosampler is a member of the Accela family of ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography instruments. The Accela Autosampler (see Figure 1) holds up to
200 standard vials, three 96-well plates, or three 384-well plates; contains a built-in column oven (5 to 95 °C); provides tray/sample temperature control (0 to 60 °C); and is capable of performing automated sample preparation routines.

Accela Pump

The 600 and 1250 pumps are quaternary, low-pressure mixing pumps with a built-in solvent degassing system and an automatic calibration feature. Table 2 lists the flow rate ranges where these pumps provide optimal performance as well as their maximum operating pressures.

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