Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific Trace GC Ultra

Thermo Scientific Trace GC Ultra

Article nr.: 1026
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Thermo Trace Ultra GC + DUAL FID en Dual Split/Splitless

Ultra in Flexibility

In addition to a comprehensive range of injectors, the availability of a universal base body allows swift detector interchangeability and configurations with up to three detectors operating simultaneously, thus providing added value on your investment.

Ultra in Solutions

Combined with the Valve Oven, the TRACE GC Ultra delivers unmatched turn-key solutions even for the most demanding applications requiring multidimensional column switching techniques. Multiple packed or capillary columns, sampling and switching systems, and pressure regulators can all be effectively installed in an additional heated and readily accessible housing.

Ultra in Performance

The simple, integrated Automatic Column Characterization available with the electronic gas flow controller grants utmost stability in both retention time repeatability and reproducibility.

Ultra in Automation

A vast array of automatic sampling systems (for liquid and headspace) makes this GC able to withstand even the highest workload requirements, operating unattended around-the-clock. Instrument control and acquisition, enabled by Thermo proprietary or third party data systems, are further exploited by the NEW internal LAN interfacing capability.


GC Detector Dual FID
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