Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific Trace Interscience GCMS - Polaris Q MS

Thermo Scientific Trace Interscience GCMS - Polaris Q MS

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GC/MS or Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, is used to separate, detect, identify and determine the content of chemicals in a large variety of samples. These could be contaminants in drinking water or air samples, residues of pesticides in agricultural produce or drugs in physiological fluids. We use it also to identify and determine the level of metabolites and natural products in extracts of plant or animal tissues. The Thermo Polaris Q is an ion-trap GC/MS Equipped with a Trace GC.

Thermo Scientific Polaris Q - An Ion Trap GC/MS

  • GC interface temperature up to 350oC.
  • Mass range 10-1000 amu, with unit mass resolution.
  • Scan rate of 5555 amu/sec.
  • Automatic Gain Control.
  • Offers full-scan, segmented scanning, SIM, and MSn (n=1 to 5) modes of mass analysis.
  • Inlet / Vacuum Interlock Allows easy removal of ion volumes.

The GC separates complex mixtures of organic compounds on a chromatographic column. The MS detects, identifies and measures the quantity of the separated compounds one by one, as they come out of the column. The chromatogram shown below illustrates the separation of a mixture of sugars by GC/MS on a time scale of about half an hour.




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