Hoofdafbeelding Varian AA280FS

Varian AA280FS

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Varian AA280FS

Varian Fast Sequential AA

Achieve the productivity and speed of sequential ICP with Varian’s patented Fast Sequential* AA systems. By measuring all elements in each sample before moving to the next one, Varian’s Fast Sequential (FS) AA280 and AA240 provide complete results in minutes.

  • Determine your entire element suite without repeatedly aspirating samples
  • Improve productivity by up to 50% by reducing the sample analysis delays
  • Get full elemental coverage, no matter how many elements you are determining
  • Reduce sample consumption — with less delays throughout analysis, less sample is wasted
  • Save labor and reduce running costs — the more elements you determine, the greater your savings
  • Improve precision and accuracy with online internal standard corrections — this corrects for physical differences, sample preparation errors, or drift


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