Hoofdafbeelding Waters Acquity QDa Detector

Waters Acquity QDa Detector

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High quality analyses
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Waters HPLC module Acquity

ACQUITY QDa is as intuitive as an optical detector, with the robustness to handle all of your analyses. Working in harmony with your chromatography, it is pre-optimized to work with your samples, without the sample-specific or user adjustments typical of traditional mass spectrometers. For the first time, any analytical scientist can consistently generate the highest quality mass spectral data, routinely without the need for any special training or expertise thus eliminating any need to contract out and wait for results from specialist analytical service laboratories.

QDA Detecor

With ACQUITY QDa Detector, you can minimize the risk of unexpected coelutions or components and you can confirm trace components with certainty because of the analytical confidence that mass detection brings. Enhance the analytical value and productivity of each analysis, eliminating the need to run all the additional assays or time-consuming alternative techniques.

Working in synergy with optical detection, you can significantly reduce the chance that a sample component will go undetected.

source: Waters.com


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