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Waters Acquity TQ Detector

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Waters® ACQUITY® TQ Detector

The Waters Acquity TQ Detector is a tandem quadrupole, atmospheric-pressure, ionization (API) mass spectrometer. Designed for routine UPLC®/MS/MS analyses in quantitative and qualitative applications, it can operate at fast acquisition speeds compatible with ultra-performance liquid-chromatography (UPLC).

Waters provides these ion sources with the instrument as standard equipment:

  • ZSprayTM (dual orthogonal sampling) interface.
  • Multi-mode ESCi® ionization switching for atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and electrospray ionization (ESI).
  • Optional ionization modes are IonSABRETM APCI and APPI (atmospheric pressure photoionization).

* Source: https://www.waters.com


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