Hoofdafbeelding Waters Alliance e2695 HPLC + Acquity PDA Detector

Waters Alliance e2695 HPLC + Acquity PDA Detector

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Waters e2695

The Waters™ e2695 Separations Module, with its integrated solvent and sample management capabilities, provides the flexibility and ruggedness needed to accommodate an enormous range of HPLC separation challenges.

Source: ©2020 Waters Corporation. Produced in the U.S.A. May 2020 720004547EN LM-PDF

 Acquity PDA Detector

The Waters ACQUITY UPLC ® photodiode array (PDA) detector and extendable λ photodiode array (eλPDA) detector are ultraviolet/visible (UV/Vis) spectrophotometers designed for use in the family of ACQUITY

UPLC ® Systems, such ACQUITY UPLC H-Class or bioACQUITY. The detectors, controlled by Empower™, MassLynx™, or third-party software for both LC/MS and LC applications, operate as integral parts of the system.

With a photodiode array of 512 photodiodes and an optical resolution of 1.2 nm, the detectors operate within a range of between 190 and 500 nm for the PDA and between 190 and 800 nm for the eλPDA.

Source: ACQUITY UPLC Photodiode Array and eλPhotodiode Array DetectormOperator’s Overview and Maintenance Guide Revision A


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