Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 200 series AAS 240Z AA G8436A + GTA 120 + PSD 120

Agilent 200 series AAS 240Z AA G8436A + GTA 120 + PSD 120

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Agilent 200 series AAS 240Z AA G8436A

The Agilent 240Z AA G8436A is a sensitive and accurate graphite furnace AA spectrometer. Its design uses the Zeeman background technique proven to provide high correction accuracy with optimized geometry to give the best detection limits. The Agilent 240Z AA has 4 lamp positions to suit most routine food, environmental and pharmaceutical applications analysis requiring the very best performance.

The 240Z AA features automatic lamp selection, an integrated PSD120 autosampler able to accurately prepare and deliver standards and samples to the graphite tube. It features tools to simplify method development and monitor analysis.

Agilent G8436A, 240Z AA


  • Agilent 200 Series 240Z Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Agilent GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer
  • Agilent PSD 120 Programmable Sample Dispenser


  • Delivers extremely fast atomization even with difficult sample matrices.
  • Long atomization cell ensures the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits for best signal-to-noise.
  • Gas minimizing technology (GMT) extends tube lifetimes, reduces gas consumption by 40%, and lowers analysis costs.
  • With an ultra-stable mounting and position lock, the programmable sample dispenser (PSD 120) furnace autosampler offers plug-and-play mounting, eliminating realignment
  • Get simple method development by using Tube-CAM (optional) to set accurate probe dispensing heights and confirm optimum drying temperatures, and the SRM wizard to optimize the ashing and atomization temperatures.
  • Carousel capacity for 135 solutions minimizes changes for high-throughput labs, enabling longer unattended runs.
  • Flexibility to analyze difficult matrices

source: Agilent.com

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