Hoofdafbeelding Agilent G1329B 1260 ALS HPLC

Agilent G1329B 1260 ALS HPLC

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The Agilent 1260 Infinity autosampler is designed for use with other modules of the Agilent 1200 Infinity Series, 1200 Series and 1100 Series LC, or with other LC systems if adequate remote control inputs and outputs are available. The autosamplers are controlled by the Agilent Instant Pilot (G4208A) or by Agilent control software (OpenLAB CDS, ChemStation for LC, EZChrom Elite etc.).

Agilent G1329B 1260 ALS

Three sample-rack sizes are available for the autosampler. The standard full-size rack holds 100 × 1.8 mL vials, while the two half-size racks provide space for 40 × 1.8 mL vials and 15 × 6 mL vials respectively. Any two half-size rack trays can be installed in the autosampler simultaneously. A specially designed sample-rack holding 100 × 1.8 mL vials is available for use with thermostatted autosamplers. The half-size racks trays are not designed for an optimal heat transfer when they are used with a thermostatted autosampler.

Analytical shead technical data G1329B 1260 ALS

 Standard (100 μL)Extended Volume (900 μL)
Number of steps1500015000
Volume resolution7 nL/motor step60 nL/motor step
Maximum stroke100 μL900 μL
Pressure limit600 bar400 bar (G1329B) 200 bar (G1329A)
Piston materialSapphireSapphire

Injection-Valve Technical Data G1329B 1260 ALS

Motor type4 V, 1.2 A stepper motor
Seal materialPEEK
Stator materialNone
Number of ports6
Switching time< 150 ms

Physical specifications G1329B 1260 ALS

Weight14.2 kg (32 lbs) 
Dimensions200 × 345 × 435 mm (8 × 13.5 × 17 inches) 
Line voltage100 – 240 VAC, ± 10 %Wide-ranging capability
Line frequency50 or 60 Hz, ± 5 % 
Power consumption300 VA / 200 W / 683 BTUMaximum
Ambient operating temperature0–55 °C (32–131 °F) 
Ambient non-operating temperature-40 – 70 °C (-40 – 158 °F) 
Humidity< 95 % r.h. at 40 °C (104 °F)Non-condensing
Operating altitudeUp to 2000 m (6562 ft) 
Non-operating altitudeUp to 4600 m (15091 ft)For storing the module
Safety standards: IEC, CSA, ULInstallation category II, Pollution degree 2For indoor use only


Agilent HPLC system Agilent 1260 Infinity series
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