Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Trace GC 1310

Thermo Trace GC 1310

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Gas chromatograpgh Thermo Trace 1310

Switch Injectors and Detectors in Minutes

  • Switch injectors and detectors in two minutes 
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and be back to running samples in short time
  • Switch to a different workflow or method instantly

Boost Productivity

  • Analyze dirtier matrices with minimum cleanup using the system's robust injector technology
  • Analyze trace concentrations with smaller injection amounts and minimum preconcentration results using enhanced detector sensitivity and micro-volume technology
  • Protect system components, and reduce run time and maintenance using optional backflush capabilities
  • Shorten sample cycle times using low thermal mass injectors and detectors and fast oven technology
  • Automate your entire workflow—from pipetting to injection—using a full range of sample handling options
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