Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Ultimate Dionex 3000 Autosampler Column Compartment UHPLC+ focused

Thermo Ultimate Dionex 3000 Autosampler Column Compartment UHPLC+ focused

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UPLC+ Focused Thermo Ultimate 3000 Autosampler Column Compartment

  • Cost-effective and Flexible
  • With the integration of the autosampler and column oven into a single module, the Thermo ScientificTM DionexTM UltiMateTM 3000 Autosampler Column Compartment is a very cost-effective LC hardware solution. It is ideally suited for routine analyses in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental industries.
  • A wide variety of different sample formats, combined with a large sample capacity, support a wide range of routine applications.
  • All fluidic components can be accessed from the front panel of the autosampler without moving other modules.
  • The performance and flexibilty of the autosampler column compartment exceed the requirements of most analytical methods; even UHPLC applications up to 62 MPa (9000 psi) operating pressure are possible.
  • As a combined module and an integrated part, it is responsible for the reduced height and cost of the modular-based UltiMate 3000 Basic Automated LC system.

Precise and Reliable

  • The rugged pulled-loop design ensures optimal performance across a wide range of sample volumes. The integrated wash port cleans both inner and outer needle surfaces to eliminate carryover.
  • A patented temperature control design protects thermally sensitive samples by eliminating destructive temperature gradients in the sample carousel compartment. A movable cover protects light sensitive analytes from UV radiation
  • The accurate column temperature control and the built-in eluent preheating option guarantees reproducible chromatographic results even at high column temperatures and independent of ambient conditions.

The ACC-3000 Autosampler Column Compartment is fully supported in the Thermo ScientificTM DionexTM ChromeleonTM Chromatography Data System (CDS) software, thus qualification procedures can be automated.

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