Hoofdafbeelding Varian AA240Z + GTA 120 + PSD 120

Varian AA240Z + GTA 120 + PSD 120

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The Zeeman effect, Varian AA240Z

The Zeeman effect is the splitting and polarization of atomic spectral lines in the presence of a magnetic field. The magnetic field has little effect on molecular species and particulates that can cause background absorption. The Zeeman technique uses the magnetic field to achieve accurate background correction. With the magnet off, the total absorbance is measured. Once the magnetic field is applied to the atomizer, the spectral profile is split and only the background absorbance is measured.The background absorbance (magnet on)
is then subtracted from the total absorbance (magnet off) to determine the atomic absorbance.

Zeeman solution of Varian AA240Z

Varian Zeeman systems feature the transverse AC modulated Zeeman configuration with the field applied across the atomizer. This avoids the sensitivity losses observed with a DC (permanent) magnet, and maximizes light throughout compared with longitudinal designs where end caps restrict the light passing through the pole pieces of the magnet. Varian’s unique magnetic waveform provides a delay time of less than 5 ms between measurements and collects 100/120 data points every second (at 50/60 Hz).

Varian GTA 120  - Agilent GTA 120

The GTA 120 Graphite Tube Atomizer provides superior graphite furnace performance, no matter how difficult the sample, making it ideal for applications as diverse as chemical, petrochemical, food, and agriculture.

The GTA 120 is compatible with the 280FS AA and 240FS AA instruments.

  • Delivers extremely fast atomization even with difficult sample matrices
  • Long atomization cell ensures the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits for best signal-to-noise
  • Gas minimizing technology (GMT) extends tube lifetimes, reduces gas consumption by 40%, and lowers analysis costs
  • With an ultra-stable mounting and position lock, the programmable sample dispenser (PSD 120) furnace autosampler offers plug-and-play mounting, eliminating realignment
  • Get simple method development by using Tube-CAM (optional) to set accurate probe dispensing heights and confirm optimum drying temperatures, and the SRM wizard to optimize the ashing and atomization temperatures
  • Carousel capacity for 135 solutions minimizes changes for high-throughput labs, enabling longer unattended runs

Varian Agilent PSD 120

Operation of the Programmable Sample Dispenser (PSD) accessory involves the use of moving parts and dangerous chemicals. Unskilled, improper, or careless use of this accessory can cause serious injury to personnel, or severe damage to equipment and property.


  • Indoor use only
  • Suitable for the following categories: Installation category II, Pollution degree 2, and Equipment class I 
  • The electrical controls for the sampler are built into the GTA control unit 
  • Power is supplied by the GTA 

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