Shimadzu Degasser

You are looking for a Shimadzu degasser....

Here you are at the right web page for buying Shimadzu HPLC degassers. There are older and newer models for sale. You can choose to buy it used and working or just completely reconditioned.

You can also contact us to sell your used Shimadzu HPLC degasser. We will be happy to recommend you.

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Do you want to sell your Shimadzu degasser?

Labrecycling is your partner. You will receive your money immediately and we will try to pick up your module as soon as possible.

We would be happy to pick it up personally to take as much work off your hands as possible.  

How do I offer my Shimadzu HPLC degasser?

I mail the following information to Labrecycling 

  1. What make and model of your Shimadzu HPLC degasser
  2. Detailed photos of the Shimadzu HPLC degasser in use
  3. Year that I purchased my Shimadzu HPLC degasser 
  4. Do I supply the PC and software along with the Shimadzu HPLC degasser
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