Thermo Scientific HPLC system

On this page you will find different HPLC's from the brand Thermo Scientific. The stock is always different and we advise you to ask us at all times if the concerning Thermo Scientific HPLC is in stock. 

  • If you have a Thermo Scientific HPLC that you do not use any more... Please contact us. We would like to take it over from you. You will receive a nice amount and we will give the used Thermo Scientific HPLC a second life.

4 Products found

How do I sell my used HPLC to Labrecycling? 

Well, it's very simple. You can choose to send us an e-mail or pick up your phone and send a WhatsApp. 

Would you please provide Labrecycling with the following information?

  • Which model of Thermo Scientfic
  • Detailed pictures of your Thermo Scientific HPLC
  • Year of purchase
  • Is PC and software included / not included


Thermo HPLC systems
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